Company Policies


We value you and respect the privacy of your information. As such, we only use the information you provide to share our excellent services back to you and only you. We will never give your information to a third-party unless we are legally bound to do so.

Rental Cancellation

We require a notice of cancellation two weeks prior to your scheduled rental date to provide you with a full deposit refund. If you are not able to notify us two weeks prior to the event date, we will retain your deposit.

As Calgary is prone to the elements, we understand if an event must be rescheduled. Please inform us if your event is rescheduled for a future date, and we will do our best to accommodate you and your event.


Refunds will not be issued for rental items that are returned unused.


Rental balances must be paid on the day of the rental or event unless another agreement has been discussed with one of our staff.

In the event of a bounced cheque you will be held responsible for any bank charges Calgary Sound Rentals may incur and must submit payment to us as soon as possible.

Late Return

If the renter does not return rented equipment on the agreed upon date, the renter is responsible for paying an additional rental fees throughout the duration of the equipment being used or withheld.